This site

This is the second website I have built; the first is still available on Github. This site emerged as a ‘Keep up with the Jones’ sort of project. My previous website was . . . ugly. This one is much nicer, although for now it lacks much of the content.

See also The Blog of Charles Daniels, who inspired me to create this site.

I plan to update this site with news of my exploits.


I am a student studying Computer Science at the University of South Carolina.

I’m interested in cyber security, a minor in math, and various parts of the world of computing.

I’m originally from Tampa, FL, but my parents wanted me to

Get out of this backwater.

– Jeremy Nelson, September 2016

Causes I support

Things I find interesting


These questions are not frequently asked. I normally get questions like

  • How was your break?
  • Hey, how do you do this computing assignment? I’m confused.

These are the questions I wish people would ask.

How can I learn more about computers?

Lots of ways! I have a list of links just for this. The basic ways:

More FAQs about this here.

That’s a nice profile picture! Where was it taken?

The University of Tampa

How can I start my own website?

I recommend using GitHub pages. I have a tutorial for how to use Jekyll, the templating manager on the Pages backend.